Diamond Sock SwitchSock™

Lightweight and easy to move.

Diamond Sock introduces SwitchSock™. SwitchSock™ uses high strength netting filled with switch grass. The light weight makes SwitchSock™ a great solution for short term sediment control applications. During restoration, SwitchSock™ can be cut open and spread similar to straw. Diamond Sock is committed to the highest quality products and SwitchSock™ is no exception.

Applications for SwitchSock™

Short term sediment control

Switch grass decomposes quickly relative to other tubular sediment control products.

Equipment and lay down yard entrances

Applications where light duty sediment control is required such as stream crossings, lay down yard perimeter control and similar applications.

Ditch checks

SwitchSock™ makes an excellent ditch check. A one-man installation team can put down Road Wattles quickly with nothing more complex than a hammer for stakes.

Why should you use the Diamond Sock SwitchSock™?

  • Netting – Exceptionally strong pale yellow netting will not easily rupture – ensuring Diamond Sock SwitchSock™ will stay where it is intended.
  • Switch Grass – PA DEP has included Switch Grass on their Alternative E&S and PCSM Best Management Practices list. Diamond Sock is offering this new BMP to our partners.
  • Palletized – In diameters of 8”, 12”, 18” and 24” SwitchSock™ is also available in any custom size required for your project.

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