Road Wattle

Light weight, durable, high performance wattle.

Preventing sediment from migrating from access roads, equipment yards or stream crossings is why the Diamond Sock Road Wattle was created. Using a robust safety green netting filled with a mixture of pine straw and compost delivers a light weight, durable and high performance wattle designed to be visible, easy to handle and tough.

Applications for Road Wattle

Access roads

Use the Road Wattle to slow water and stop sediment. Placed at an angle the Road Wattle will deflect sediment into vegetated areas. The light weight means it can be moved and replaced with ease.

Equipment and lay down yard entrances

The tough netting lets the Road Wattle be moved, replaced and even run over – while maintaining its filtering ability. Prevents mud from washing into public roads.

Ditch Checks

Road Wattles make an excellent ditch check. A one-man installation team can put down Road wattles quickly with nothing more complex than a hammer for stakes.

Why should you use
the Diamond Sock Road Wattle?

  • Netting – a unique 444 lbs polyester netting, the toughest wattle netting made. High visibility green - a visual marker for any application.
  • Pine Straw – excellent filtration at an excellent weight. Repelling water – pine straw will not increase weight when wet - meaning it will always be easy to move.
  • Fixed lengths – coming in 12ft, 15ft and 21ft lengths – the Road Wattle will fit any job.

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